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Bleach: Soul Ignition coming to PS3....

2010-11-11 20:54:56 by 31inDM4sTeR

I'm so excited. As an anime fan and PS3 owner, I'm really happy to read that Sony's studios in Japan are working on Bleach title for the Playstation 3. This game is called Bleach: Soul Ignition and is scheduled to be released somewhere in 2011 only in Japan... for now. No details regarding a NA and/or European release... Let's hope Sony and Sega re-open the negotiations regarding the publishing rights over this specific Bleach game.

For our 360 brothers, let's also hope that if Sega does let Sony publish it in NA and Europe, they will also find another company to port this set-to-look-awesome Bleach title for the 360. I really want the Bleach fan owner of only the 360 to be able to enjoy this title, even though I only play either my PS3 or my Wii.

As far as this news goes, Bleach: Soul Ignition seems to be the hope Bleach fans was dreaming of. This game might set to be as important as Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was Naruto fans, a game I'm really enjoying right now (so many sexual allusions... Pervy Old Sage!! XD).

Bleach: Soul Ignition coming to PS3....


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2010-11-11 20:59:45

Me too I love bleah and other anime shows like Naruto.


2010-11-11 21:00:29

^^^ spell error


2010-11-24 18:13:50

I was hoping they would make a Bleach game for the PS3 Without this news i would still be clueless and lost... Thank you!


2010-12-02 22:12:23

oh boy can't wait to get that game


2011-01-04 18:06:21

What they need to do is release Soul Carnival in The US and Europe!!!


2011-01-28 17:03:07

Welcome back from the dead.


2013-11-18 22:24:35

Wow so much bleach o.o